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One solution for all your IT needs


Businesses often wait until the very last minute to upgrade and replace equipment. This has far-reaching negative impacts on efficiency and profit. We make sure you have the newest and best hardware available.

  • Security is important and new equipment is always safer, CompleteCloud keeps you safe with the newest technology.
  • Upgrading technology can be expensive. Our platform keeps capital expense down by including all hardware services as part of the package.
  • Old equipment just doesn’t preform as well. With CompleteCloud you’ll always have the most efficient systems keeping your team fast and letting you worry about customers and not upgrades.
  • With equipment monitoring your systems will be checked frequently and kept in peak condition.
  • Growth is part of a successful business and as your business expands CompleteCloud easily scales with it. Add more equipment at the same per user per month price you already pay.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster can ruin months or even years worth of work if there is no backup in place. Without an adequate disaster recovery plan your business will flounder.

  • Your systems, data, applications, and all vital equipment is housed in a data center allowing everyone to work remotely should disaster strike.
  • CompleteCloud includes a full backup and recovery system as part of the package included in the monthly price.
  • 24/7 team to handle whatever comes up and get you working ASAP
  • There are no replacement costs for equipment to deal with when you get your hardware through the CompleteCloud package.


With top tier security features the CompleteCloud security platform hasn’t had a breach in all 15 years of business.

  • CompleteCloud is compliant with all NIST SP 800-171, HIPAA, and DFARS compliance standards.
  • CompleteCloud uses active monitoring to spot when something isn’t right and inform you right away.
  • Security features include:
    1. Private Cloud Security
    2. DNS Filtering
    3. Security Operations
    4. Employee Training
    5. Multi-Factor Security
    6. Compliance Reporting
    7. Encrypted Email
    8. Cyber Security

24/7 Support

Industry leading U.S. based support, ready when you need help.

  • CompleteCloud provides a virtual and on-site team to make sure your tactical issues are being solved.
  • CompleteCloud includes 24/7 and everyone is right here in the U.S.
  • Customer support is available for every employee at the office, on the road or at home.
  • CompleteCloud users can reach out anytime via phone, email or our website.
  • Worried about a long hold? Don’t worry. Only 1% of clients call each day. 90% of cases are solved within 15 minutes by Tier 1 Support. 85% of calls are answered in under 1 minute.


Take your business anywhere with CompleteCloud.

  • CompleteCloud gives users the capability to access network data from remote locations or the office, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Our CompleteCloud is protected by the most secure private cloud environment in the country.
  • Whether it’s a privacy concern or a complete fire-wall you need, we’ll keep your data safe and secure at all times even when you work remotely.
  • Our consultants are experts with State and Federal privacy policies as well.
  • It’s our commitment to comply with these policies and provide total care for our solutions.
  • CAD users can work remotely without any performance degradation.

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